The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy appointed Deloitte with the task of collecting and reconciling the reported cash flows. The first report (2008) was well received.

The EITI report provides detailed information on each separate company’s payment of petroleum tax, CO2 tax, NOx tax and area fees. Similarly, the report provides an overview of what the respective authorities have received from each company. Such detailed information has not previously been publicly disclosed, since the Petroleum Tax Office only publishes the annual tax levy for the companies. The report also highlights discrepancies between reported and received payments for each company, as well as an explanation for these.

The report explains all the deviations uncovered in the first reporting. The sum of relevant payments matches the sum of reported revenues. This amount corresponds to what we find in the state accounts.

Guidelines for reporting (pdf)

Reporting form (excel format)

Working plans

Veiledning til rapporteringsskjemaet 2015

Rapporteringsskjemaer 2015