The Norwegian Multi-stakeholder Group is led by Director General Lars Erik Aamot (Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy).

The multi-stakeholder group has, among other things, adopted drafts of the EITI regulation before it was enacted. The EITI regulation defines who is obligated to report, what should be reported and how this should be done. The multi-stakeholder group has also approved the reports of Deloitte and the Validation Report, which have been submitted to the EITI Board. Members of the multi-stakeholder group are appointed for two years by the King-in-Council.

Representatives in the multi-stakeholder group:

  • Oluf Bjørndal, Stavanger
    Deputy: Frode Bøhm, Stavanger
  • Hilde Røed, Stavanger
    Deputy: Carine Smith Ihenacho, Oslo
  • Karl B. Myhre, Sola
    Deputy: Svein Bjørnestad, Stavanger
  • Lars Harald Hauge, Oslo
    Deputy: Jon Jerre, Bærum
  • Lars Erik Aamot, Oslo
    Deputy: Gro Anundskaas, Nittedal
  • Beate Bentzen, Oslo
    Deputy: Stig Sollund, Oslo
  • Willy Olsen, Oslo
  • Guro Slettemark, Oslo
    Deputy: Gro Skaaren-Fyrsto, Oslo
  • Mona Thowsen, Oslo
    Deputy: Svein Olsen, Oslo
  • Ola Mestad, Oslo
  • Amalie Tofte, Oslo
    Deputy: Espen Løken, Oslo
  • Fanny Voldnes, Oslo
    Deputy: Linda Skjold Oksnes, Oslo